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Why it’s important to do your ‘Take-Home Exercises’!

What are take home exercises?
At the end of your treatment, your physiotherapist may spend 5-10 minutes prescribing you a few exercises tailored to your needs. You may be instructed to do them in the morning, before bed or before/ after you exercise. These may include stretches, activation or strengthening exercises.

Why am I prescribed exercises and why is it important that I do them?
Your physiotherapist could prescribe you exercises for a variety of different reasons, such as to:
• manage pain between treatments;
• strengthen weaker muscles that aren’t working correctly (and thereby causing other muscles to become overworked); or
• teach your body how to perform a movement correctly.
All with the goal to manage your pain and reduce your symptoms.

For example, if you’re suffering from knee pain and find that after treatment your pain is reduced, however during the week your pain increases again, your physiotherapist may ask you to do some foam rolling or stretches at home. This will give you similar results to treatment and maintain the work that your therapist has done, so by the time your next treatment comes around you are not experiencing as much pain.
While your physiotherapist can relieve over worked muscles that are holding a lot of tension, they cannot strengthen the weaker ones, that you need to do at home over a period of time.