Balanced Bodies Massage in Port Melbourne and Doncaster

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Why do you need a massage?

Do you ever think about what you’re actually doing to your body day after day? At work, at school, at home with your children, or whatever you may be doing, are you doing a repetitive action? Or are you straining your back and neck? You should ask yourself this, because you may not feel the pain now, however one day you just might crack.

So what is the ultimate preventative solution? It’s Massage Therapy. It’s a great way to prevent that pain which may or already is haunting you. It reconnects you with your body, and will smooth out those crinkles that you’ve caused.

Massage therapy also relieves common ailments such as thoracic outlet and carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic lower back pain, pain caused by sciatic nerve restriction, and TMJ syndrome. It’s without a doubt, that you can enhance your life through massage therapy. You will be reducing your stress levels by improving your circulation, flushing out those nasty toxins and boosting your immune system. For you this means an opportunity to feel truly comfortable in your own body. Your overall health and wellbeing improves while your stress levels decrease meaning you will become a more productive and happier person!