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What is best for my muscles?.. Hot or Cold?

What’s better for sore muscles, Hot or Cold?

Not all of us are doctors… so when you have sore muscles, you may be asking yourself- whats best? Hot or cold?

The solution:

Follow these two simple steps…

Firstly apply Cold. To relieve pain associated with sprains and strains, it’s usually best to first apply a cold compress. The coldness reduces swelling and inflammation, and will soothe the pain.


Apply a cold compress for about 20 minutes at a time on the affected muscle every four to six hours over the first few days. For a cold compress, you can use a cold pack, a plastic bag filled with ice or a bag of frozen veggies! But ensure you wrap it in a dry cloth or towel to help prevent yourself from frostbite (OUCH!).

And Secondly apply heat! Heat relaxes tightened and sore muscles and reduces pain. Heat is usually better than cold for chronic pain such as for arthritis, or for muscle relaxation. Wearable heat patches are a great idea (available at Balanced Bodies!) because they allow you to apply heat and stay on the move!


Start using heat after the pain and swelling in the affected muscle has decreased, usually two to three days after the injury. Apply heat to the injured areas for 20 minutes up to three times a day. You can use traditional methods including using a heat lamp, hot water bottle, warm compress or taking a warm bath or hot shower.

Or alternatively…

A new option for heat therapy involves single-use wraps or patches that adhere to your skin or clothing near the sore spots. Chemicals in these wraps or patches warm up as they’re exposed to air when you open the package. Because they provide a lower level of therapeutic heat, they are safe for extended use, about eight hours or more. (But always follow the manufacturer’s instructions!)

Or another option.. (Yes there’s more!)

Woodlock oil. It has a deep penetrating formula which provides fast and effective relief for your all your muscle needs! It can you with-

• muscle aches and pains

• muscle strains and tendon strains

• tension headaches

• arthritis

• And even more!

Wood Lock Oil is formulated to provide long lasting warmth and is especially effective for treating sports injuries (We can also provide you with this at Balanced Bodies!)

In conclusion…

Though these steps are great ways to help rid you of your sore muscles, sometimes however they these methods just don’t cut it! If this sounds like you, come and see one of our therapists, and they will be sure to help you out!