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Trigger Point Therapy… What is it?

Trigger points are areas of tension within a muscle tissue that causes pains in other parts of the body. Trigger points can occur in any part of the body and most commonly occur in the neck and shoulder regions office workers. Trigger points are either active or latent. Latent triggers points are not painful but can restrict movement or cause weakness within the muscle; active trigger points have referred pain and can be very painful to touch. Most often trigger points are referred to as knots.

Trigger points send pain to another part of the body, often far from the trigger point. An example of this is when you get a headache it’s doesn’t always mean it’s a problem in the head, but it could be caused by a trigger point in the neck which is sending pain to the head. Referred pain caused by trigger points is often a steady, dull and can be deep. It can be felt upon resting or during movement and can vary from being of little discomfort to incapacitating.
Some of the conditions trigger points are seen in are as follows:

• Headaches
• Neck and jaw pain
• Lower back pain
• Carpal tunnel
• Tennis elbow
• Frozen shoulder
• Sciatica
Trigger points can also occur from many different reasons such as the following:

• Injury
• Stress to muscles
• Workplace stress
• Postural issues
• Sprains and strains

When getting a massage that focuses on trigger points the therapist will locate, resolve, deactivate and elongate the muscles affected. Muscles will be stretched with various combinations and there will also be a focus on treating the fascial lines helping to elongate the muscle fibers and ease strain patterns.
Remedial or Trigger point therapy can be used as a great pain–relieving tool and this type of therapy tends to succeed over other modalities dealing with the same conditions and problems. By combining massage with trigger point therapy on a regular basis, management of pain or stress from acute or chronic conditions will happen more naturally.