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The ultimate ‘me’ time for mums. A hot stone massage.

Origins of hot stone massage

Many Native Americans would warm stones on the fire and then use them to treat aching muscles. This type of hot stone massage was also said to occur in Egypt and India! This ancient form of pain relief is gladly still used today, where stones (often river rocks) are warmed with hot water until they reach the optimal temperature for the massage.

The stones then are placed in key spots along your spine, between your toes, in the palms of your hands and elsewhere on your body. Some say that a massage stroke with a hot stone is equivalent to 10 strokes without one!

Hot stone massage benefits:

The hot stones relax your muscles and tissues to relieve stress and pain, and they can help your body to release toxins and improve circulation. Thus being benefiting not only your muscles, but your immunity as well! Hot stone massage has even been known to reduce arthritis pain, anxiety and even relieve you from bad cramps- at that time of the month.

‘If you are feeling worn thin physically or mentally, a hot stone massage may be just what you need to reduce anxiety, heal your body, promote tranquility and revive your energy and spirituality.’

-Patricia Mayrhofer, president of Nature Stones Inc

Is hot stone massage right for you?

If you are a mom who is looking to relax, but you don’t like the deep pressure (and sometimes pain) of a traditional massage, then a hot stone massage may be the answer for you.

Most moms are dealing with stress and tension on a daily basis. And as we get older, back pain, insomnia, poor circulation and even arthritis can become issues. If you are looking for a natural way to treat these conditions, then hot stone massage may be worth a shot. We offer hot stone massages at Balanced Bodies. Treat you or your mum, to a purely relaxing experience.