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Take the stress out of your muscles with massage

Winter seems to be the season we feel the most aches and pains. The cold weather decreases blood flow to the muscles, so they instantly tighten up with the chill of the blustery wind. Those tightened muscles become susceptible to injury. For starters, a tight, cold muscle shortens its length. This reduces our range of motion. Normal motions like walking up the stairs or reaching overhead are now much more difficult and noticeable to perform in the cold weather.

A strained muscle or what we commonly call a “pulled muscle” occurs when a shortened muscle is lengthened beyond its comfort zone. This is usually caused by an activity such as picking up an object, falling or slipping. When this occurs, some of the tiny muscle fibres are torn and ligaments and tendons are stretched. This is an injury which results in pain types such as inflammation, swelling redness, muscle spasms and even muscle lock ups!

How do we fix this?

Dry needling, available at Balanced Bodies, is a unique procedure designed to specifically target and restore muscle function, with an emphasis on improving tissue healing and restoring normal tissue function.

How is this important?

If you further strain your already aching muscles it may lead to further tissue damage and increased pain! Muscular stress increases the body’s energy consumption and reduces efficiency, and this is especially not needed as were already using enough energy to keep ourselves warm!

How does it work?

Dry needling uses a very fine, solid filament needle to cause a small, specific injury or “lesion” in the tissue when it enters the body. The tiny needling induces injury signals the brain uses to initiate a sequence of events to replace or repair the damaged tissue with new, healthy tissue. Hence the muscle fibers in the treated area relax, inflammation is reduced and circulation improves, thus healing your injury and leaving you with an easier winter!