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Sports Massage

Post workout massages can be one of the best and easiest ways to overcome those workouts that can leave you sore for days.

In a  recent study researchers compared the effects of getting a massage after a workout to not getting a massage and found that the subjects who received a massage reported no muscle soreness 90 minutes after the massage whilst the other subjects who didn’t receive a massage reported still feeling achy a full day later. The researchers also noticed that in the subjects that received a massage their blood flow was more vigorous then the other subjects which is important in the healing of muscles.

Whilst many styles of massage can be beneficial, sports massages are specifically designed to help with recovery from sporting activities. If you are pushing hard in workouts on a regular basis you are likely to experience soreness and fatigue at times which is a natural part of building strength and improving cardiovascular endurance.  Getting regular massages helps to ease the pain, relaxes you ready for your next workout session.

Physical Benefits:

  • Less tension in muscles
  • Soreness from injuries or a tough workout decreases
  • Increased blood flow helping to bring necessary nutrients to the tissues helping the muscles to heal and become energized.
  • Helps your muscles get rid of lactic acid
  • Muscles are lengthened and stretched which reduces tension and relieves pressure in sore areas.
  • Muscles recover faster

Psychological Benefits:

  • Elevates your mood so you keep motivated to continue working out
  • Improves sleep so you still wake up to do that early morning workout
  • Calms the mind which helps with stress levels that can lead to overeating or avoidance of exercise

If you are serious about your workout regimen and want to ensure you have a faster recovery time a sports massage may be just what you need.