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Spikey Balls- The Work-out Wonder!

Are you someone that suffers from pain in their muscles, or has lots of Trigger Points?

Then a spikey massage ball might just be the solution for you!

Trigger points can cause a lot of problems in your body. Anyone that has experienced them before and actually knew what it was will know how painful it can be. They are basically little tight spots in your muscles, they can cause pain in the area that they are in, but they can also cause a lot of pain in surrounding areas as they can refer.

To allow for long term results and management of these trigger points these spikey balls become a great tool to use, especially, in conjunction with your Myotherapy treatments, to further manage your symptoms of any muscle pain, right in the comfort of your own home.

If you suffer from muscle pain or whether you are a person that exercises or not, you should really think about getting one. Spikey massage balls can really help ease your pain and it is likely that after you use it you will feel like you have so much more range of movement. This can really help to increase your training and of course simply feel better.

You can simply sit or lay on your spiky massage ball, as you use your body for pressure and movement to encourage the spiky ball to get to those deep spots and also encourage your muscles to relax.

Spiky massage balls provide a great exercise workout tool, or during deep stretch workouts. Use two balls at a time for a complete overall body stretch, or simply workout with one ball. By placing the ball at the muscle you are stretching, or by massaging the muscle with the spikey ball for approximately 2 minutes before the stretch you can certainly increase your stretch by at least about 30 degrees!

Also use the massage balls to treat feet, when working at the computer, and sitting for long periods of time not just for a reflex foot massage but essentially also to help relief pain that may be experienced in other areas surrounding the body for instance back pain/knee pain.

They are also perfect for releasing tensions in the shoulders, back, legs, buttocks and neck. Use them as a massage tool and include them as part of exercise workout.

So there is no reason not to own one as they are made for simple use and also being of lightweight and small size they can easily fit in your gym bag or travel bag! You can buy one here at Balanced Bodies and ceratiny ask our friendly therapists exactly what you can do with them to best suit your needs!