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7 Self Massage Techniques for Hand Pain: A Guide to Hand Reflexology

According to Chinese and Eastern therapies, by stimulating and massaging parts of the hand, other body parts will be relieved due to the nerve connections in your body. This is called hand reflexology. Here is a small guide with 7 self massage techniques for hand pain that you can use to practice. Indicated below are trigger points which when triggered, “trigger” and stimulate parts of your body- in a good way!

Finger joints

self massage finger 1 7 Self Massage Techniques for Hand Pain: A Guide to Hand Reflexology

Massage your palms with your thumb and your index finger where your fingers connect to your hands. Spend time rubbing each joint and feel the tension in your tired hands melt away.

Thumb Nail

Locate the massage pressure point in the thumb. It is found on the outside lower corner of the nail. This will be a different side depending on which thumb you are using. On the right thumb nail, it is located on the lower left. On the left thumb nail, it is located on the lower right. This massage pressure point is said to relieve negative emotions and headaches.

The human hand is durable yet sensitive. Nerve endings are concentrated in the hands so we can feel the slightest variations in texture, pressure and temperature. This makes the hands an especially good place to massage using pressure points. These massage pressure points in the hand are easily found and manipulated if you know where to look.

Between the Index Finger and Thumb

Find the pressure point in the hand between your index finger and your thumb. The thick muscle above the webbed skin is loaded with nerve endings. Feel the bones of your hand as they stretch from your fingers toward your wrist. Locate the juncture where your thumb bones meet your index finger bones; the pressure point is located just above this in the fleshy portion of the hand. This pressure point is used during massage to encourage tranquility and ease ailments of the back, neck and head.

We use our hands for everything from writing, typing, to lifting. It is not surprising sometimes they get sore. Here is 3 easy self massage tips to relieve the pain and restore better functionality to your hands.

Outer Wrist

A useful massage pressure point in the hand is found by following the line of the pinkie finger toward the wrist. Stop when you reach the point where your wrist meets your palm. You should feel a small gap where the ulna bone in your forearm intersects with the carpals or your hand. Applying massage pressure to this location will encourage relaxation and clear thoughts.

Inner Wrist

The massage pressure point at the base of the hand near the thumb is said to help with breathing difficulty and skin problems. It is also said to help with spiritual longing and bad feelings. The pressure point is found by tracing a line from your thumb toward your wrist. Find the small gap between the carpal bones of the hand and the radius bone of your forearm. Pressing this pressure point should make your hand go slightly numb.

Ease your wrist tension with a tennis ball

self massage tennis ball 2 7 Self Massage Techniques for Hand Pain: A Guide to Hand Reflexology

Tennis balls are some of the cheapest and most effective massage tools around. We love using one to ease wrist pain after a class that includes a lot of chaturangas or after doing a lot of inversions.
The majority of wrist pain is actually affected by sore forearm muscles. To relieve sore wrists, place a tennis ball on the knob on the outside edge of your elbow where all the muscles on the back of your arm converge. Press and roll the tennis ball into this spot until the tension subsides.

Pinpoint your forearm pain

You can also relieve a lot of tension by finding the most tense points in your forearms and applying pressure exactly to that point. These may feel like knots or lumps in your forearms. To locate your trigger points, move from one end of your forearm to the other, pressing down using a finger or thumb. When you find a knot or lump, stay there and continue to press on that spot for 1-2 minutes.

self massage forearm 3 7 Self Massage Techniques for Hand Pain: A Guide to Hand Reflexology

Reflexology is a natural way of relieving tensions in your body and improving your mood. Knowing about reflexology means that next time you have a massage, you can be sure not only the muscles being directly treated on will be relieved, but also other connecting parts of your body.

At times, pain and tension are signs of a more serious problem and self massage techniques bring little relief. If you feel like pain is affecting your life, try our remedial massage services and let one of our trained massage therapist help you.