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Spikey Ball

Spikey Ball


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How do Spikeyballs work?
The unique Spikeyballs are designed to give maximum stimulus to your joints and muscles through a series of simple exercises and drills improving your posture, injury rehabilitation and general well being.
Because of their small size, they are easy to transport meaning you are able to do exercises in many locations where you are unable to use other exercise equipment.

Some of the benefits of using Spikeyballs are:
• Assist in improving body awareness
• Assist in improving bad postures associated with sedentary lifestyles
• Increases blood flow to local areas which will assist in improving blood circulation
• Assist in the pain gait theory stimulating the mechanoreceptors to block pain at the spinal level
• Assist in reducing joint stiffness
• Assist in improving local and overall flexibility in individual muscles and muscle groups
• Allow users to be more aware of their body positions when in fixed positions for long periods of time eg computer work /sitting at home or travelling on a plane etc
• Areas of the body that are overused eg shin splints/tight neck muscles can be relieved by applying the ball
• It gets the body into better positions thus promoting a feeling of freedom of movement and well being

Through improving this feeling of freedom of movement as well as the other benefits the spikey ball will not only assist in reducing injuries but assist in preventing injuries.
Good posture in turn will reduce the incidence of back neck and soft tissue injuries.
You can use it in the office:
• You can use it on the back of your chair to maintain good upright posture
• You can mobilise your spine while you sit at your desk
• You can break up intense computer work/reading or writing by doing short bursts of spikey ball work
• You can self massage tight shoulders forearms etc without leaving your desk
• Having it sitting on the desk is a good reminder to keep good posture and to use it intermittently
• This then has to have the effect of improved performance
• It can easily fit into a computer bag /briefcase or hand bag
• It will assist in reducing the incidence of repetitive strain injuries
• The office can use it as a team building project eg office work out to prevent injuries
• The exercise can be given out or pinned on the office notice board to promote occupational health and safety

You can use it when you travel:
• It can be used on plane /train journeys to relieve stiffness as a result of cramped sitting positions
• You can use it to exercise with in your seat to break up the boredom and overall body stiffness associated with long journeys
• You can use it in hotel rooms if there isn’t a gym
• You can lie on them after a hard day’s travelling
• They are light and easy to travel with
You can use it when playing sport:
• You can use them to give you a specific warm up before playing sport
• It will fire the body up for sports activities
• You can use it for tight muscles or cramping before during or after sport
• You can use it in a sports group or team for team bonding and to have your own team work out
• Sports people can use it as an adjunct to their rehabilitation and use it as a home program to compliment their chiro/physical therapy care
• The exercises can be posted on the sports club walls to reduce injuries and maintain good participation in the relevant sports club
Great for kids:
• Reduce the incidence of very poor posture in young people acquired through prolonged use of computer games/television and prolonged study on computers. This promotes healthy spines in young people
• This is a very relevant point as all parents need to ensure that growing children grow in the right postural positions to ensure that they have healthy spines and good overall body and musculoskeletal structure
• The balls can also be used at school to keep good posture
• Slumped posture in a child can lead to poor eye level contact with the teacher/lecturer in class and in turn lead to poor concentration levels which in turn can affect overall performance
Great for home life & Families:
• We have found that once parents do the spikey ball drills the children are also inclined to do them
• Spikey ball work is something they can all participate in at different levels
• If people have hectic lives they can work out on the spikeys at home before work or after work thus having less time away from home and more time with family
• Having spikeys sitting around the house will always be a tag to sit upright and maintain good posture to keep your spine well aligned and therefore healthy
• You can even work out while watching television
• Mobilising your back on the couch or standing up massaging your feet after a hard day wearing high heels