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Fighting Stress!

During stressful times poor sleep, long hours spent at a desk, less time for exercise and self care can result in aches and pain that are not conducive for high productivity.

The effects stress has on the body…

• Rapid chest breathing-
When breathing occurs from the cheat not the digraph (like seen when stressed) this causes the muscles in the chest, neck and shoulders to work overtime, thus causing increased tension and fatigue in these muscles leading to pain and discomfort.

• Increased Muscle tension-
When you are stressed your body goes into ‘protection mode’ what this means is your muscles tighten in order to protect you from injury, which is not always the outcome as they tend to overwork themselves in the process.

• Exacerbating pre-existing conditions-
Pre-existing such as high blood pressure, asthma, chronic headaches and migraines, heart conditions, diabetes, anxiety, skin conditions and arthritis can all flare up during periods of stress.

• Reduced quality of sleep-
Insomnia or just poor sleep quality can take a major toll on your body, sleep in an important time for our bodies to recover from the previous day and reset for the day ahead, without this you will end up cycle of poor productivity leading to increased stress reducing your sleep quality and so on.

What we can do…
A great way to combat stress is with regular remedial massage; Remedial massage is shown to reduce stress and enable one to relax.
By providing you with treatment targeting areas most effected by your job (neck, shoulders, lower back and forearms for you desk workers) to relieve pain and discomfort along with giving you time to close your eyes and chill out!
With the goal of long term pain management, along with your massage you may also be introduced to some exercises to improve breathing during stressful periods, posture at your desk and decrease muscle tension.