Balanced Bodies Massage in Port Melbourne and Doncaster

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Thea McMahon

Thea graduated Victoria University in 2017 with a diploma of Remedial Massage, Thea is furthering her studies at Royal Melbourne Institute of technology (RMIT) in 2018 as a Myotherapist, Thea has had a history of sports specific injury prevention and works with fascial trains of the body for optimal mobility and posture.

Thea has taken part in group sports from a young age and recognizes the importance of optimal recovery and the need for specific individualised treatment.

Thea believes that education and self awareness of clients is one of the most important parts of treatment and will always go above and beyond to teach clients the best at home care methods for their ailments. This couples with a range of different treatment methods Thea can optimize her approach and find out what is best for you.