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Anxiety Counselling

Our resident clinical psychologist, Michele Glassenbury, specialises in helping people who have anxiety. She is qualified to treat children, teenagers and adults who are experiencing various anxiety disorders. Michele provides you with strategies and skills to deal with your feelings and thrive in everyday life.

anxiety counselling melbourne Anxiety Counselling

It is important to understand that anxiety affects many people. Experiencing the feelings of anxiety and panic can be overwhelming, but remind yourself that is actually very common. You are not alone in this journey.

Anxiety feels more intense than normal feelings of stress or worry. It can overwhelm you, even causing you to have troubles completing everyday tasks that you have done countless times before. Anxiety can escalate into panic in the form of panic attacks. Panic attacks are often described in terms of experiencing hyperventilation and an overwhelming sense of dread. Some have described the feeling like they are dying, which can be a scary experience for the individual.

It can be extremely challenging to manage these feelings on your own. We encourage you to come in to our clinic and find out how Michele can help.

Signs of anxiety

It is normal to experience anxiety at certain times in our lives. We experience anxiety as a natural response to change and anything that takes us out of our comfort zones, and when we feel threatened. Usually, the anxiety will go away once the challenge or threats have passed, however, sometimes the feelings remain. Anxiety occurs when these feelings don’t go away – they seem to continue without any clear cause.

Some of the signs of anxiety may include:

panic attacks
trouble concentrating
easily irritated
changes in appetite
insomnia or troubles sleeping
feeling on edge
feeling afraid or uncomfortable in normal situations
physical symptoms (e.g. hot and cold flushes, muscular pain, tightness in chest, heart palpitations/racing).

When left untreated, anxiety disorders can lead to more severe problems such as substance abuse and depression.

If you are feeling any degree of anxiety, even if you are unsure whether it is anxiety or not, please contact us or book online at our Port Melbourne clinic by clicking the button at the top of the page.

Michele can help you overcome anxiety to lead a healthy, satisfying life. You do not need to suffer alone.