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Anger Management

If you would like to improve your ability to control your anger and ensure your anger doesn’t threaten the health of your relationships and quality of life, there are strategies you can learn.

Our resident clinical psychologist Michele Glassenbury is fully licensed and brings years of experience to our centre. She offers anger management as one of her specialities.

Michele can help you deal with anger and understand its causes and effects. You can learn effective skills to manage your behaviour when you feel a surge of uncontrollable anger. She will teach you strategies to help you manage your response during this challenging time.

When is anger a problem?

anger management port melbourne Anger Management

Anger is a normal human emotion. It is an emotional response we have when we feel hurt, injustice, fear or frustration. However, some people find it challenging to control their behaviour when they are angry, which can have damaging effects like relationship breakdowns or losing a job.

Anger can cause powerful physical responses due to increased adrenaline, blood pressure and heart-rate. This can cause someone to display aggressive behaviour (as a natural response to defend ourselves). Feeling anger is not the issue, it is our reaction from this emotion that can lead to further issues.

Sometimes anger can escalate and result in violence and abuse. If you or your partner are experiencing problems with anger, please contact us or book online at our Port Melbourne clinic by clicking the button at the top of the page.

Michele has successfully helped many couples and individuals overcome anger problems.

Why it can be challenging to control anger:

• Genetics
• Upbringing
• stress/frustration
• feelings of loss of control over one’s life
• relationship breakdown
• financial difficulties
• Premenstrual Symptoms caused from hormonal imbalances

Anger Management

Anger Management melbourne Anger Management

Anger management doesn’t try to keep you from feeling anger, but rather it teaches you how to express anger in more constructive and non-damaging ways. Anger management can be learned and requires practice. Michele will help you uncover the cause of your anger and deal with anger at the root. This way you are managing your behaviour while addressing and reducing the cause of your anger.

Michele can help you effectively manage anger to lead a healthy, satisfying life. Please contact us or book online at our Port Melbourne clinic by clicking the button at the top of the page.