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Massage For Heel Pain

High heels, the frequent fashion option for women; to many, they are worn every day, whether it be for professionalism or personal preference. What you may or may not be seeing is that high heels can often be doing more harm than good.

Women can minimize the damage and discomfort of high heel shoes by adopting many practices and using products designed to protect the bones and tissue of the feet. The best approach is to think ahead and buy protective products when a pair of high heel shoes is purchased so high heels can be worn without any problems occurring.

Another smart practice is to choose the right time to shop for high heels. Since the foot naturally expands during the day, women should plan to shop for high heels in the late afternoon or evening. This increases the chance of finding a proper fit that takes into consideration any natural swelling that occurs every day. Additionally, some materials, such as leather or suede, provide more flexibility and will stretch and bend with the foot. Buying shoes made from these materials will take some of the pressure off the foot, negating the damage that higher heels cause in the foot’s bones and tendons.

Padding of high heels can also avoid many foot problems, these pads can include:

  • Blister Pads
  • Corn Cushions
  • Callus Cushions
  • Padded shoe inserts
  • Moleskin padding

All inserts do come in a variety of shapes and brands so finding the best one for you might take a while, but in the end your feet will love you for it!

After wearing high heels there are many other things you can do to prevent and alleviate foot pain, these include foot stretches and exercises, soaking your feet in Epsom salts and warm water to dilate blood vessels and moisturiser to prevent calluses! Of course there is also the option of a foot massage; all of our practitioner’s here at balanced bodies can help get your feet back into shape if they are causing you internal pain!

However, though all of these things will help in the prevention of injury, in the end the best thing is to give your feet ‘day’s off’ from high heels, and wear a pair of shoes that are comfortable and are a great shape for your feet.