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10 Reasons why you feel GREAT after a massage!

  1. By releasing muscle tension, you leave feeling looser and more flexible.
  2. Massage has been known to release endorphins, the hormone related to happiness!
  3. Your existing injuries can heal faster with the help of a massage.
  4. It increases your productivity and time management- sometimes by taking that step away from work, and going to another place refreshes and refocuses the mind, meaning you get back into work feeling more motivated!
  5. Did you know that a 1 hour massage can have similar effects as having 6 hours of sleep! You will leave feeling just as refreshed.
  6. Reduces high blood pressure and improves circulation, thereby making you feel calmer and speeding up your metabolism.
  7. Massage, if relaxing enough can be relatable to meditation, leaving you with a clearer more focused mind.
  8. You get a great night’s sleep! By putting you into the resting state, you will ease into your sleep easier and your body will rejuvenate well, especially with the improved circulation a massage provides.
  9. For all of you kinaesthetic learners out there, massage and human touch is likely to reenergise you, and leave you feeling good about yourself!
  10. Massage can help move any toxins out of your body, and you will end up feeling great in the next few days.