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10 Reasons Why Cupping is Important

1) Cupping helps prevent sickness by increasing the flow and regulation of white blood cells- the cells that make up your immune system and fight off infectious disease- which is a must need for winter!

2) Cupping can regulate your blood temperature, and encourage a normal blood flow.

3) Your back is not the only part of your body that can receive cupping treatment, your hands, legs, and ankles can be cupped- thus applying healing to specific organs that correlate with these points- these points are also known as accupoints.

4) Cupping can relieve common ailments such as back pain, stiff muscles and fatigue, and can help prevent migraines and even cellulite.

5) Cupping minimises scar tissue by causing the tissue to accept fresh lymph and blood in the area, allowing the scar tissue to break up.

6) Cupping when combined with acupuncture can enhance the treatment you receive, the combination of these two treatments can significantly increase the recovery of any ailments, aches or pains you might have.

7) Cupping is used to relieve pain in the muscles and clear congestion in the chest, which can soothe colds and flu’s!

8) Cupping increases lymphatic flow- there are approximately 500- 600 lymph nodes in the body, and these nodes break down and destroy particles so they can be eventually flushed out of the body- cupping improves lymphatic efficiency, which is extremely useful especially for pregnant women!

9) Cupping eases stiff joints by clearing fluid which may have accumulated around your joints, thus can be helpful for those with arthritis.

10) Cupping can release toxins which naturally build up in your blood, after the treatment is received you will notice a bruising from where the cup was applied, do not fear this, because the cups act like a vacuum, and the darker your bruise the more toxins have been released, which means a healthier body for you!

Ask you massage therapist to incorporate cupping into your treatment today!