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10 reasons why a massage can improve your day

  1. It eases muscle pain: Everyone has sore muscles, whether it be from sitting at a desk, or muscle pain from sport, either way you will leave your massage feeling looser and feel a greater range of movement
  2. Massage eases anxiety and depression: The smooth calming strokes of a relaxation massage will not only calm you, but can also reduce your symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  3. You’ll get to sleep easier: by leaving feeling relaxed, you can ease into sleep a lot easier.
  4. It boosts immunity: Massage can help increase white blood cell count, and those are needed for fighting off infection, also by moving the lymph around your body, toxins are moved out , making you feel better overall!
  5. It relieves headaches: A tight neck or muscles can cause a headache, with a massage you can release the muscles and reduce the pressure which gives you a headache!
  6. Can enhance your athletic performance: For all of you budding sporting enthusiasts, massage can help pre and post work out, by improving circulation and speeding up muscle recovery, both crucial for your athletic performance.
  7. Provide relief for arthritis: By reducing the inflammation around the joint, massage can improve motion and ease the pain.
  8. Improve mental alertness: By relaxing the mind, you can get rid of unwanted thoughts and leave the table feeling fresh and clearer
  9. Reduce symptoms of PMS: Having a bad day? Treating yourself to a massage can not only regulate things but you will leave feeling more relaxed- just what you need if feeling the stresses of PMS!
  10. Increase metabolism- i.e. you may be able to lose weight more easily! Full body massage will improve your circulation. In doing so, it brings blood rich in nutrients and oxygen to your tissues and removes the waste products of metabolism.. Make sure you drink lots of water to remove the waste products easily.