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Sports Therapy Massage

A Sports Therapist is a happy medium between a Sports Massage Therapist and a Physiotherapist. They combine the best of both worlds to provide you with specific advice about your sports-related injury and the recovery you need afterwards. They may prescribe you with more complicated exercises, which they will explain in a thorough and understandable way to help to target the area causing the issue.

What Will happen at your appointment?

When you see a Balanced Bodies Sports Therapist, they will take a detailed history about your sports injury and make sure that the injury is one that is treatable using their sports science background. They will be able to make a decision on the correct course of treatment needed to help you to recover quickly!

At Balanced Bodies…

Our Sports Therapist is an integral part of our team and an important part of your recovery from a sports injury. At Balanced Bodies Clinic, we are able to utilise the experience of our sport-specific therapist, who specialises in general sports injuries, dance injuries and running injuries. She is able to utilise the principles of sport and exercise sciences, incorporating knowledge of physiological and pathological processes to prepare you to return to active sport, training and, where applicable, work.