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At Balanced Bodies, we offer professional physiotherapy services to treat physical pain and injury. Our expert physiotherapist will:

  • asses your current condition
  • diagnose any injuries or dysfunction
  • treat the cause of the issue
  • work to prevent further pain and future injury.

How our physiotherapist can help you

We treat movement and function issues every single week, and will work with you to help overcome your current state. Movement disorders can arise from a variety of situations. Sometimes they are present at birth. Other times they develop due to ageing or specific events in your life. And, of course, they can also occur after accidents and injuries—such as a car accident or a sporting injury.

If you are dealing with physical pain, injury, and/or movement issues, physiotherapy is vital to help you recover. Treatment will target pain and stiffness at the source, and work to increase your mobility.

At Balanced Bodies, we will listen to your needs and assess your current situation. This will help us determine the best treatment plan for your body. We’ll also work with you to set healthy and appropriate goals, as well as outcomes from treatment.

Adam White – physiotherapist

rsz shutterstock 1421171501 PhysiotherapyWhen you come to Balanced Bodies for Physiotherapy, you’ll be in the very safe hands of Adam White. After studying for his Bachelor of Physiotherapy at La Trobe University, Adam worked in Melbourne and London, honing his skills and gathering a stellar portfolio of experience. While in London, Adam was employed by The Reebok Sports Club—a rather large and well-respected gym.

As a physiotherapist, Adam has treated elite sporting teams and individuals, such as soccer players and swimmers. For example, the Melbourne Victory W-League team employed Adam as their Head Physiotherapist for 2 years.

Adam knows firsthand how treatment and hard work can help you come back from an injury, and how important proper sport rehabilitation is to any athlete. Adam is passionate about helping his clients return to their pre-injury ability and activity levels as quickly as possible. One of Adam’s specialties is treating spinal and sporting injuries.

But Adam doesn’t just treat sports people; he loves his job and enjoys treating people from all walks of life—from elite athletes to full-time workers and weekend warriors.

So, for a balanced body, you know where to come for physiotherapy!

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