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Hot Stone Massage

At Balanced Bodies, we offer hot stone massage treatments to relieve aches and pain, and help you relax. A hot stone massage uses special heated stones that are smooth and flat. They are placed on key points on your body to aid the massage.

What is a hot stone massage?

A hot stone massage is similar to a relaxation massage, rather than a remedial massage or deep tissue massage.

During a hot stone massage your therapist will place hot stones on your body and may also use the stones to massage certain areas. The main aim of a hot stone massage is to relax your body and mind.

What kind of stones are used in a hot stone massage?

The stones used in a hot stone massage are usually made of basalt. This type of rock is rich in iron, so they are very good at retaining heat.

The stones are often sourced from rivers where they have been smoothed naturally by the river’s current over many years.

How does hot stone massage work?

Hot Stone Massage 1 Hot Stone MassagePrior to your hot stone massage, the stones are placed in water and heated with an electric device. Once they reach their ideal temperature range, they are ready to use.

During a hot stone massage, your therapist will place the stones on relevant areas of your body that require treatment. This can include specific points on your back, in the palms of your hand, and even between your toes.

As you lie on the massage table, the heat from the stones warms and relaxes your muscles. Once this happens, your therapist can easily work on your muscles without needing to apply deeper pressure.

What are the benefits of a hot stone massage?

There are many health benefits of getting a hot stone massage. For example, the warmth of the hot stones improves your circulation and calms your nervous system. Many people also find that the warmth of the hot stones is comforting and very soothing.

Hot stone massage can also help a number of health conditions, including:

  • back pain and aches
  • poor circulation
  • osteoarthritis and arthritis pain
  • stress, anxiety and tension
  • insomnia
  • depression.

Our experienced massage therapists

At Balanced Bodies, we have trained and experienced therapists that provide hot stone massages. They will discuss your needs prior to the treatment and check in with you during the session.

If at any time you experience pain or discomfort, simply let our expert massage therapists know. And if you would like the pressure changed to be lighter or harder, we’d be happy to change the massage style to accommodate your needs.

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