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Nick Seller

Nick is a Sports Therapist and Remedial Therapist who studied at the Australian College of Sports Therapy for 3 years. His qualifications include an Advanced Diploma of Sports Therapy and a Diploma of Remedial Massage.

Nick worked at the Richmond football club for 2 years volunteering his time as a massage therapist there, along with being a sports trainer at his local football club, Heathmont Jets. He has volunteered his expertise as both a massage therapist and sports therapist at the Oxfam 100km trail walk twice as well as numerous Spring into Shape competitions.

By playing many sports over a long period of time, Nick has extensive knowledge of how run down the body can get after intense physical activity, and the individualised biomechanics of sports. With this knowledge Nick aims to treat the necessary muscles groups along with explaining how deep tissue massage, sports massage, joint mobilizations and muscle energy techniques can reenergise the body make sure you are your best, whether you play sport or not.

Nicks treatments are individualised to each client taking into account their needs and injuries. As well as treating with hands on work, Nick also gives  corrective and/or rehabilitation exercises to ensure the client can get the best out of their body. Nick can help the client get back to feeling 100% whether they are injured and sore, or maybe just to unwind and relax after a stressful week.