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Anna Bullivant

I graduated as a dietitian from the University of South Australia and have moved to Melbourne to fulfill my passion of becoming a dietitian. I have always had a strong interest in improving the lives of adults and children through the means of a nutritious and healthy lifestyle that is packed with nourishing foods. All of my nutritional advice is realistic and specifically tailored to each individual to give you the best chance to successfully achieve and fulfill each goal and empower you to make your own food related choices and decisions.  I have previously worked with clients with a variety of medical conditions, including diabetes, malnutrition, cancer, liver and kidney problems and also have a strong interest in sports nutrition.  I am a positive and motivated person and aim to live the most healthy and active life I possibly can.  I am looking forward to working as a private practice dietitian at Balanced Bodies and using the latest nutritional evidence to provide you with the highest level of client-centered nutritional and dietary advice.